It is your special day.
But you can make any day special.
You are a goddess among goddesses.
You are a blessing to everyone.

I wish for your happiness.
You deserve every bit and more.
I am always here for you.
You do not need me but just in case.

Please allow me to thank you.
For talking and listening to me.
For allowing me into your world.
For everything, thank you.

I do not deserve any of your time.
But you are really the kindest soul.
You shine brighter than anyone else.
This world that is getting darker needs you.

I hope you enjoy your day and your world.
And I hope I can stop myself from being a bother, even for just today.
Do not worry, sooner or later, I will learn my place and leave your world.
But for now, can I stay a little bit longer?

Because even if I do not have the right to say or to feel this.
And please do not be angry, I am very sorry about this.
I know from the bottom of my heart how happy I am when I am with you.
You are really my goddess, I love you.