It is your special day. But you can make any day special. You are a goddess among goddesses. You are a blessing to everyone. I wish for your happiness. You deserve every bit and more. I am always here for you. You do not need me but just in case. Please allow me to thank you. For talking and listening to me. For allowing me into your world. For everything, thank you....

September 18, 2017


I must apologize. I did something horrible. I just thought that it was possible. I assumed that we were friends. You never really acknowledged me. The way you acknowledge other people that they are your friends. Close friends, even. But out of the kindness of your soul, you still allow me in your world. I know this is my fault. I know I am not worth it. I should really be contented....

September 3, 2017


I miss you. I really miss you. The beautiful goddess. The kind soul. The play on words. The nothingness. And more. So much more.

September 1, 2017


I’m sorry, I got carried away. Of course, we can never be close friends. What am I thinking? I don’t even know if we are friends. Shame on me.

August 6, 2017


We have gotten close, haven’t we? Chatting about anything that comes to mind. I do mostly the typing, you do mostly the reading. But unlike days past, you are now sharing. I should be contented and I think I am. Doing things online is the easier way. But sometimes I wish we could talk. You, me, some food, face-to-face. I really should be contented instead.

July 29, 2017


I like your honesty. You are the only person that can say good things about me and make me actually believe them. If only I have good things about me.

July 25, 2017


If you are suspecting that I still like you, you are correct. I like you. I have always liked you. But I think I am okay with this. With being just friends with you. I am too broken a person to act on my feelings. And when someone comes along, someone that you deserve, someone that is right for you, I will not run and hide. I will not get jealous....

July 22, 2017


he never noticed her at first she was a simple and shy girl he sat by the door, observing as she went by everyday he started to see someone else in a once shy and simple girl the beauty of her, he noticed but kept mum until the next year she received with hostility his lame advances, although pure she was irritated with him but he kept going on blindly...

October 11, 2004

I Choose

i like the way you think it amazes me i like the way you look at me it leaves me weak i like the way you smile it gives inspiration i like the way you are no one can steal the memory i am immature then i always hurt you i am often confused things were new i choose to lose a bestfriend for a very uncertain love this is my choice, this is my fight...

February 23, 2004


holding a pen and paper thinking what to do bringing an inspiration that i think can help me through what can i say? what can i do? but when i look at you i don’t feel a single blue i think i’m falling for you what are these feelings for you? because of your kindness times ten i feel i am in love again but can you love me? can you accept the way i was made?...

January 1, 1970